Buffalo... The ALL Natural, Cancer Fighting Food!  

Naturally Native Grass Fed Buffalo are one of the only North American Land Mammals that do not contract cancer! 

Naturally Native Grass Fed Buffalo actually carry a cancer-preventative enzyme!

Studies performed at Cornell, Penn State and at the University of Bristol in England confirm that Grass-Fed Buffalo are higher in essential fatty acids with an excellent ratio of Omega-3s to Omega-6 and contain much more CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid).

These studies also show that CLA may reduce body fat and increase muscle mass. Several additional studies are currently underway in attempt to discover more of the immunity secrets of this magnificent animal!

  The Extremely Healthy Food!   

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that...

  • Naturally Native Buffalo meat is lower in fat and cholesterol than beef, pork, chicken and turkey! AND, yes, even halibut!

  • Naturally Native Buffalo meat is 98% fat free!

  • Naturally Native Buffalo Meat has 35% more Protein than beef!

  Did you know that...  

  • Most people can reduce their LDL cholesterol by 40% to 45% over a six month period by eating 5 oz of Naturally Native Grass-Fed Buffalo meat four to five times a week.

  • Because they are all only Grass Fed, Naturally Native Buffalo meats contain high levels of vitamins and minerals such as iron and twice as much Beta-Carotene as grain-fed meats.

  • Naturally Native Buffalo Meat is non-allergenic. No one, to date, has had any allergic reaction to Naturally Native Buffalo Meat. People who have allergies to other meats find that they can eat Buffalo.


FINALLY! Food that is not only healthy, but extremely flavorful. NATURALLY NATIVE BUFFALO meat is tender and slightly sweet in taste.


Many heart patients who, until now, have been denied the benefits of red meat are currently enjoying Naturally Native Buffalo Products; all the while knowing that they are simultaneously reducing their fat intake.

ALL NATURALLY NATIVE BUFFALO are 100% Grass-Fed only. They are never feed lot finished as many non-Indian owned Buffalo are. This insures that there is nothing added to their diet, nor the processing, that would introduce chemicals or drugs of any kind including steroids, antibiotics, etc.



"5 STARS:  We purchased our first order of buffalo meat in mid July of 2011. We are so pleased with the product and can't wait for our second order to be completed. This Native American family is raising 100% grass fed Tatanka, with no use of any antibiotics, preservatives, fillers or hormones. The meat is so flavorful and wonderfully packaged. Our favorite treat is the Naturally Native Traditional-Style Buffalo Charqui (Jerky). It is pure heaven!"   Kim S. Portland, Oregon on Yelp.com



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